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Thursday, October 18, 2007

AdWords problems

I was fiddling with my adds one day. After adding some keywords to one of my campaigns, they all suddenly stopped working. I contacted Google, and received a default answer: are you bidding high enough? Did you pause the campaigns? That sort of thing. It didn't surprise me that the first mail was a default mail. I mailed them back right away writing I simply added keywords and ALL of my campaigns stopped working, not simply the one I changed.

The next mail I receive is 3 days later. They want to know if I'm happy with the support I received. I nearly fell out of my chair. No I'm not happy. All I got was a standard mail back and all my campaigns are still not functioning.

2 Days after I get another mail saying they are looking into it. So I wait another 4 days before I mail back to figure out if they finally found something. The answer is rather surprising: I received another default mail telling me they suspended my AdWords account because they believe someone else logged into my account.

I have a Vista machine and an OpenSuse machine on my desk, and I log into my account from both depending on what I'm doing. I even log in using my wife's laptop which has Windows XP and uses a different IP cause I'm using a wireless connection. This probably raised a flag in their system blocking my account.

Adds are back up after 2 weeks. Sales where a little slow, so I hope they will pick up again.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hosting problems

Some of you might have noticed: the Kwakkelflap website was down for the last couple of hours. I've had some downtime before, but never as long as the last one. So I decided to pull the plug and switch to a new hosting service. I'm still uploading and installing everything on the new server, so part of the website might be down. E.g. the forum is down cause I'm having problems with installing the MySQL database. I'll try to get it fixed ASAP.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Debug message

It's only natural that I run Watchdog - O - Matic all the time and watch as many different programs as possible. I use my own program, and it helps me to stress test the application.

One of the programs I'm checking is Windows Live Messenger 8.1. I noticed that messenger would have some strange debug messages from time to time: “ThumbPosition got called! That never happens.”. Apparently it does happen. It happens every time I use the scroll bar to scroll my contact list.

It's funny to see some of the debug messages of the programs you're watching.