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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Currency issues

I previously talked about my switch from selling in US$ to Euros. I also asked some people on 'Joel on Software' what they think about the currencies. I was rather startled by the response. It seems that especially US residents want the price in their currency displayed directly on the website. I'm so used to working in other currencies that I personally don't care what currency is displayed, as long as I can switch to my own when ordering.

So I thought it would be a good idea to put a US$ amount on my website. Of course, it would be a little hard to display a changing amount. So the best thing to do was to set the US$ price fixed and use that amount. I'm not that fond of using a fixed US$ amount. Exchange rates can really mess things up. But it's always nice to get extra sales, so I finally decided to do it.

Plimus changed my idea however. Apparently, when you use a different base currency, you can set all currencies to a fixed amount, except US$. US$ just isn't available for setting a fixed currency. Plimus figures you use US$ as a base currency anyway, so it's always fixed right? I contacted Plimus tech support and they said they will implement this 'feature' (I'd call it a bug). I'm curious how long it will take so that I can finally put a US$ amount on my website.

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